ArcScan Insight® 100: Evolving Ultrasound for Corneal Refractive and Cataract Surgery


arcscan insight

The ArcScan Insight® 100 System provides a complete visualization of the true anatomy of the entire anterior segment, including areas behind the iris. It enables precision analysis with repeatable and reproducible data.


physician testimonials

Before I used the Insight 100 to assist in ICL sizing for my patients, I worried significantly about size related complications the first 24 hours after surgery. Now that I use it routinely for ICL sizing, I sleep better at night!
— Eva Kim, MD, Front Range Medical Director, Icon Eye Care
ArcScan technology offers an in-office diagnostic edge to improve surgical outcomes especially with regards to laser vision correction by its superior epithelial mapping diagnostic capability to help determine proper candidacy for LVC and with regards to proper ICL sizing to avoid unnecessary pupillary block postoperatively.
— Mitchell A Jackson, MD