ArcScan Insight® 100 Software

The ArcScan Insight® 100 software was designed to enable users to quickly and easily obtain stunning images, conduct measurements and store them.


Corneal imaging and Biometry

The ArcScan Insight® 100 software enables users to view, manipulate, annotate and measure the produced scans. In viewing mode, users can adjust brightness and contrast, zoom in and out and conduct a black and white point adjustment.

In the analysis section the software offers a range of editing tools, such as snap/unsnap, a magic wand and an erase function. Also, the variety of surface selection options allow for automatic identification of the front surface, epithelium, flap or back surface of the cornea.

An added a-scan viewing function displays the a-scan measurement value wherever the mouse is hovering.

In display mode, the user can select from a range of different viewing modes, has the ability to conduct measurements of distances, radius of curvature or angles and display thickness maps for epithelium, stroma, cornea, flap, residual stroma and the stroma component of a flap. Naturally, everything can be saved or printed.


Anterior Segment Imaging and biometry

In this mode, the scan images obtained from the anterior segment can be viewed, annotated and measured. For measuring, users can choose between distance measurements, radius of curvature and angle measurements.




The ArcScan Insight System is indicated for evaluation and/or planning of refractive surgery and evaluation of pathologies of the anterior segment such as trauma, tumors, cysts, glaucoma, and hypotony.  


Scanning should not be attempted on un-repaired ruptured globes or in other situations where ocular integrity is questionable.