Meet Our Team

ArcScan is directed by a team of driven individuals dedicated to improving imaging, ultimately leading to superior diagnostics, surgical outcomes and patient care.





Dr. Dan Reinstein, MD Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Dan Reinstein MD  was appointed Chief Medical Officer in May 2015 but he has been acting as lead clinical consultant for many years. He is currently owner and Medical Director of the London Vision Clinic in the United Kingdom and also serves as Adjunct Professor of Ophthalmology at Columbia University Medical Center, New York, and Professeur Associé en Ophtalmologie at the Centre Hospitalier National d’Ophthalmologie des Quinzes Vingts, Paris.

Professor Reinstein MD received his undergraduate degree from Cambridge University and his postgraduate training in medicine at Cambridge University School of Medicine. He conducted his internship in medicine at the University College London School of Medicine, University of London. Dr. Reinstein MD. Then spent several years at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York as a Bioengineering Fellow, developing very high-frequency (VHF) digital ultrasound technology (Artemis) for studying the micro-anatomical structure of the cornea in vivo. 

Professor Reinstein's research focuses on applications of the preliminary Insight® 100 technology to improve excimer corneal and phakic intraocular refractive surgery with a focus on measurement of the corneal epithelium for applications such as keratoconus screening and therapeutic corneal refractive surgery. His research has led to over 115 peer-reviewed publications, 30 book chapters and 500 international presentations and lectures. He was awarded the Waring Medal in 2006 and received the Kritzinger Award in 2013. Professor Reinstein holds over 10 patents in the field of laser eye surgery and ultrasound diagnostic imaging and signal processing


Andrew K. Levien CEO, Director

Andy was appointed President and CEO of ArcScan in April 2012. Before that he served as President and Global VP Operations of Norgren and President of Norgren Fluid Controls, a pneumatics and industrial controls company. Prior to that he held SVP and General Manager roles at Emerson Electric Co., an electrical equipment  and industrial instruments manufacturer.


Peter M. Ballachey, CPA-CA, CIA Chief Financial Officer

Peter is meticulous, organized and strategic in his thinking and was formally appointed as ArcScan's CFO in 2015. His expertise in finance and accounting is considerable with experience as Board Director, CFO and financial consultant . He also is an officer and co-founder of CRC Rail Management Services Ltd, as well as Director and Chief Financial Officer of Tractive Power Corporation. Peter served as Chief Financial Officer of Underground Energy Inc. Peter is meticulous, organized, strategic in his thinking and his expertise in finance/accounting is considerable.


Barry Schafer ArcScan Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Barry has demonstrated innovative business acumen with an advanced knowledge of Ophthalmic sales and management. He possesses a degree in Operations Management and Supervision from San Diego State University, and is also a medical patent holder. Barry has thrived in the field of Ophthalmology Sales for twenty-six years, and was previously awarded first place for top sales performance three years in a row. He has contributed to the growth of many notable companies including: Johnson and Johnson, IOLAB, Bausch and Lomb, Eyeonics, Optimedica, Optos, Topcon and IBM. Barry understands how to communicate effectively to form long lasting relationships and generate favorable outcomes that meet the individual needs of each client of ArcScan.


Dr. Ronald SilvermaN Consultant

Dr. Silverman has been involved in ultrasound research in ophthalmology for 30 years. His research includes development of high-resolution imaging systems, studies of safety/bioeffects, use of high-intensity ultrasound for therapy, perfusion imaging, and tissue characterization by use of signal-processing. He has applied these techniques for study of ocular disease in animal models and clinically.

Dr. Silverman is Principal Investigator on an NIH-sponsored project utilizing high-frequency ultrasound for early diagnosis of keratoconus. The project, which is being performed in collaboration with Dr. Dan Reinstein, Director of the London Vision Clinic, involves mapping of early epithelial-thickness changes associated with changes in curvature of the underlying stroma. The study also includes characterization of the elastic properties of the cornea by use of acoustic radiation force impulse imaging (ARFI).

Dr. Silverman is also Principal Investigator a project using ARFI and vibro-acoustic imaging, another technique involving ultrasound radiation force, to study elastic properties of the retina and choroid in conjunction with phase-resolved optical coherence tomography (OCT). 

Dr. Silverman has numerous patents and was a co-founder of Ultralink, LLC, which, under license from Cornell University, developed the ultrasound system which became the ArcScan Insight® 100 ultrasound system for imaging and biometric analysis of the cornea and anterior segment. side from presenting and moderating at numerous meetings, Dr. Silverman has also often acted as an organizer for special sections. He is frequently asked to review articles in journals specializing in ophthalmology, ultrasound and optics. In addition, he serves as a grant-reviewer for the NIH.

Nancy Website.jpg

Nancy London ArcScan Global Clinical Application manager

Nancy is responsible for clinical education and training, and additionally coordinates product evaluations and imaging compilation for ArcScan. Nancy has earned many accolades from the ophthalmic community. After gaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Boston college, she went on to M.I.T. and Harvard for additional course work. This education landed her at UCLA’s Jules Stein Eye Institute, University of Colorado, USC, UCSF and Mass Eye and Ear. Along the way she earned additional ophthalmic certifications and prestigious awards.

Nancy has experience performing testing on patients to measure eye function to assist Ophthalmologists’ diagnose and treat eye disorders and disease. Nancy brings to ArcScan a wealth of knowledge and leadership. We look forward to her building a strong set of guidelines for successful implementation and adoption of the ArcScan Product Line within clinics around the world.


Alexandre (“Alex”) Nardes, PhD. ArcScan Senior Engineer

Alex has nearly seven years of experience managing and carrying on R&D projects in the field of renewable energy technologies with strong hands-on and working knowledge of scientific instrumentation, semiconductor devices, manufacturing equipment and businesses processes. Coupled with his teaching experience as an Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering, he is currently the subject matter expert and primary point of contact for new installations and supporting training of the ArcScan Insight 100.

Alex earned a double PhD in Physics and Electrical Engineering in the field of Organic Electronics from the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, and from the University of Sao Paulo, in Brazil. He has published 42 papers, has one patent application, and has earned the best presentation prize at the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference in 2014 (Denver) and at the Four Corners Section meeting of the American Physical Society in 2009 (Golden).





Andrew K. Levien CEO, Director

Andy was appointed President and CEO of ArcScan in April 2012. Before that he served as President and Global VP Operations of Norgren and President of Norgren Fluid Controls, a pneumatics and industrial controls company. Prior to that he held SVP and General Manager roles at Emerson Electric Co., an electrical equipment  and industrial instruments manufacturer.


John D. WatsonChairman, Secretary and Director

John is one of ArcScan’s Co-Founders, and serves as Chairman of the Board, Corporate Secretary and Director of Technology & Strategy. John brings a history of financing successful start-up technology companies. He also works as a consultant for OSUM Oil Sands Corp., ICRTec, Inc. Tractive Power, Inc. and America Lithium.



Jack T. Holladay, MD, MSEE, FACSdirector

Dr. Holladay, one of the Directors of ArcScan, has received many awards during his distinguished career.  He was the first recipient of the John Pearce, Memorial Award from the United Kingdom & Ireland Society of Refractive Surgeons. He also received the Richard Lindstrom, MD Medal from the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists.

Dr. Holladay is past President and chairman of the executive committee of the board for the International Society of Refractive Surgery of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and has received the Barraquer Medal, Founder’s, Kritzinger, and President’s awards that recognize his contributions to ophthalmology as well as the Lifetime Achievement Medal in 2006, He was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in 2012.


Loren Browndirector

Loren Brown is president of Vance Brown and Associates, a San Francisco Bay area firm established in 1932. Brown is a third generation relative of the founder, Vance Meacham Brown. The company has extensive experience in a variety of construction improvements for a multitude of owners, architects, and tenants in many different municipalities. The firm has constructed many projects at Stanford University, as well as private school buildings, biotech laboratories, clean rooms, senior housing projects, restaurants, and warehouses. Notable projects include the Stanford tennis and football stadiums, Quantum Corporate Headquarters, The Hamilton, Evvia Restaurant, Tully's Coffee, ALZA Corporate Headquarters, Westport Office Park, as well as Stanford University's Arillaga Family Sports Center, Alumni Center, and Boathouse.


Luca M. Sergiodirector

Luca is the CEO of Ethis Communications, a marketing communications agency focused on ophthalmology and optometry and Managing Partner of Ethis HealthTech, a consultancy addressing strategy and business development. Chief catalyst behind Topcon’s EyeRoute Synergy platform in eyecare.  Luca gravitates towards multicultural corporate environments, from German, to Japanese, to Italian and American. He is fluent in Italian, has a reading knowledge of Spanish, and is a native English speaker.

Luca has used his expertise to reposition and transform med-tech companies, via re-imagining corporate vision, devising strategic and execution plan, identifying resource requirements for success, catalyzing new product development, and ensuring departmental alignment by injecting energy and fostering cohesion amongst the team.